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Beautiful Barefoot Girls Article:
The Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Female Feet

When I was pondering why female feet are so cool I came up with endless reasons...

I am sure that you have SEVERAL of your own reasons why you LOVE Female Feet!

I'd like to share with you some of these reasons, giving you the TOP TEN reasons why female feet are incredibly sacred!

Some you may agree with, some you might, regardless of how far you take your foot fetish I'd like to HEAR from you! (We'll discuss that later)

It's pretty apparent that BOTH Men and Women have some pretty strong foot fetishes and exploring them together can be fun & exciting!

Okay, that being said... here is my top ten reasons...


Feet are the lower extremity that holds up the body. They are the foundation that allows our female friends to walk, run and provide accurate movement.

Without feet, life would be virtually motionless! This is something I am VERY thankful for!


Women LOVE their feet... no matter WHO they are!

Sure, several women will say "I really don't like my feet.. they are ugly..." but this is true for only a handful of women you'll meet.

For the most part, women LOVE their feet... of course not like WE love them... Ha ha!

The reason this is one of the top ten is because women can, in some fashion or another RELATE to the way you feel.

Even beyond that, the majority of women love to have their feet rubbed... and for us this is FANTASTIC news!


Feet feel EVERYTHING that touches them... this is important to mention because everything on and around the ground is a new and exciting thing to use when touching feet!
Imagining the wet grass or muddy dirt touching bare feet is something you can almost feel...
I am sure you feel this way when looking at a hot picture of a beautiful woman's feet...


Because every woman is unique, so is the taste of her feet... Now, now... I know, this sounds kind of strange, but it's true...
How many times have you seen a woman's feet and wondered how they taste?
Both Men AND Women have a fascination with women's bare peds and although kissing and licking feet isn't everyone's desire, I am sure you can at RELATE on one level or another.


How many times have you noticed a TOE RING or an ANKLET on a beautiful set of feet and toes?
Accessories are so cool because they adorn the foot and make something that is REALLY Sexy to begin with even sexier and more appealing.
Just imagine her putting on a toe ring and how it feels... imagine how cool it is to take the toe ring or anklet off and how sexy it is to rub those feet and toes!


Virtually every female you interact with on a daily basis has FEET...Ha ha!
This is especially cool because even if she doesn't have stunning "good looks" she might have feet that will drive you crazy!
This is like the old adage 'don't judge a book by it's cover'... how many times have you seen a girl who wasn't your 'style' but has KILLER feet?
It happens to me all the time!


Ah yes, flip-flop sandals are popular... and for good reason.
Number four is flip flop sandals because they show off the entire foot, but still offering protection from the dangers on the ground.
I am sure when you see a beautiful woman wearing sandals ALL THE TIME!
Thank all the stars above for wonderful flip flops... not only are do they SHOW everything, but they are EASY to remove and reveal just about EVERYTHING about the foot!


Feet are INCREDIBLY expressive. They tell us a lot about a person's life and she how lives.
They can be strong if she's walked around barefoot a lot or they can be smooth if she has to wear shoes a lot.
Feet can fit a personality...
Feet can show emotion...
But most importantly, feet can CREATE an emotion...
I know, I know, getting a little deep here, but you get where I am coming from.


Society tells us that we have to cover our feet and doesn't allow for walking barefoot ANYWHERE!
I am sure you've seen plenty of signs in business that say "No Shoes, No Service".
While protecting a woman's feet is important, its Society that tells them to cover them up.
Why is the one of the top ten reasons?
Because those women who 'buck the system' are ones who should be put on a pedestal!
To outwardly tell the world the "screw off" by showing their feet and walking around barefoot, we respect those females that do this!


Each foot is unique, even on the same person.
Some toes are thin and some toes are fat. Some toes have tiny freckles on them and some are completely smooth.
Some feet are small and some feet are big. The one thing that is GREAT is that the majority of women have wonderful feet.

So, there you have it!
It's the top ten reasons WHY female feet are so special...

I am sure that you have your OWN reasons why you love female feet.
And I'd LOVE to hear about them... Write me directly by clicking on the envelope!

Copyright 2007 Beautiful Barefoot

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